Welcome to Denu. Denu is aimed at easing menu organization over a set of varying window managers. Denu was specifically created for Gentoo Linux but as of 2.3.1 denu may be run according to the run-down from any distribution. Version 2.3.x supports gnome 2.10, KDE, fluxbox, openbox, IceWM, Xfce4 and waimea. All of the newest files are available on the berlios.de Subversion repository.
Scott(Shux) Denu Developer/Creator

Thanks to antarus on #gentoo-portage for install script help.
Thanks also to brenden on #otw for install script help.
Thanks to Tilos on #gentoo for the ebuild help.
Thanks to nbrown on the Gentoo Forums for ebuild fix.
Thanks to forceflow2 on Gentoo Forums for adding the bulk of the programs.
Thanks to blubb for maintaining Denu in portage.
Here is the run down. It is a basic guide to Denu.
Waimea Support Notes:
To use Waimea create the ~/.waimea directory and copy /usr/share/waimea/waimearc to ~/.waimearc and change the menu location to ~/.waimea/menu.conf. A reference is here.
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Well, with the transfer to mysql 4.x I forgot to migrate the data. However, I do have some data in an xml file I have. I have a new idea to deal with program info which I'll be looking into. Until I get around to it Denu 3.x is in a deep state of hibernation.

Denu 3.x

Drag from browser demo.


Denu 2.x